10 Nov 2011

Top of the Shops

I'm not gonna lie. I love shops. I love the excitement of browsing through newly added sales lines and the the thrill of walking out with your new bag of goodies.
So moving swiftly on this brings me to the point of this post.
My favourite shops

1. Primark

I love it because its cheap. I love being able to buy quantity without feeling guilty. Fashions come and go so fast its hard to keep up. Primark allows you to buy all the latest fashions at a fraction of the price. Having said that its not the best quality and the clothing will probably only last a year but for the price you can't complain. Primark definitely gets a thumbs up!

2. H&M

I love H&M. The clothing is great quality and it's still very affordable. I have pieces in my closet that i've had for at least three years and they're still going strong. They also have great selections and great sales.

3. New Look

I have a love hate relationship with New Look. I find their clothes very samey but occasionally you find a gem lurking in their massive disorganised sale racks. However New Look always comes up trumps with their shoes.

They have amazing shoes for amazing prices. Nearly all my ridiculous high heels are from New Look. They also have a great trendy range for my wide footed friends. 
P.S. if you are a student you get 10% discount. Yay!!!

4. Topshop
I love browsing in Topshop but very rarely make a purchase due to the crazy high price tag. For a highstreet shop I find the prices a little too much. However, I love their sales and most of their clothing I own was found in their sale racks. 
If you have a slightly bigger budget than me i'm so envious because I love all their stuff.

5. River Island

Last but not least is River Island. Again they are quite expensive but I love their jeans. They fit really well and last a long time. They are usually priced between £40 and £60 so they're not too bad. I'm quite lucky to have a big River Island 20minutes drive away so I like to pop in and browse their stock because sometimes they have amazing deals like £20 off jeans. I tend to grab a few pairs when this deal comes around.

There we go they are my favourite High Street shops. I hope this was interesting.

Thanks for reading

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