20 Nov 2011

Lipbalm Lovin

I strongly believe that lipbalm is a staple in any girls makeupbag, handbag, purse etc...
Our lips go through alot and by the end of the day they need some TLC
I am a lipbalm junkie, always have and always will be. I probably have about ten lipbalms in my bedroom alone.  So I thought I'd share with you my top 5.

Petroleum Jelly or otherwise known as Vaseline is a classic lipbalm. It has no scent or colour, it's just a thick moisturiser for your lips that works. I keep this massive jar by my bed and slather my lips with it every night. In the morning my lips are lovely and smooth. Great product. 8/10

Nivea. They are well known for their lip balms. They have many scents and have a few tinted ones but this is by far my favourite. Milk and Honey. It smells just like the name. It's so gorgeous when I have this on I lick mu lips all the time. They last a really long time and I use this before I apply my lipstick or gloss just to protect my lips. It works really well. 7/10

Carmex. I think you love it or hate it. I love it. You can purchase Carmex either in a little pot or in this squeezy tub. I personally prefer the little pot but I don't have it at the moment. They have a few scents, regular, cherry, mint and I think strawberry. I like the original and mint. The mint is really fresh and tastes so good. Carmex also has SPF 15 which is great for those of you who like to protect your skin.
I don't use this everyday only because I have ones that I prefer but it is still a great product. 7/10

This is probably my favorite lip balm. Blistex. It is sooooo good. It smells amazing and when I apply it I can feel it working on my lips making them lovely and smooth. This is seriously the best lip balm ever. It does come out like a white cream so you will have to rub it in otherwise you look like you've been drinking milk!!! 10/10

Finally the most expensive. Liz Earl superbalm. For those of you who can remember the MAC naked honey collection it's like the skin salve that came out with it. You can use this on your lips, elbows, knees, feet, anywhere that gets dry and needs moisture. I use this on my lips purely because it's not very big and I would run out very quick if I used it anywhere else. It has a rough texture so it sort of removes the dead skin on your lips. I do like it but it's quite expensive so I probably wouldn't repurchase it. 6/10

I hope this has been helpful for you
Thanks for reading

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