29 Nov 2011

Fashionista Fantastic

Whilst perusing the ever enticing isles of Superdrug I was drawn in to one of their new brands, Fashionista. Their main products are eyeshadows and blushes, sold in mini compacts that can be put into a larger palette. I love the concept and with a fantastic deal going on, buy 3 shadows or blushes and get the fourth AND the palette free it would be criminal not to buy!!

These are the shades I picked up.

Left to right, Bella, Radiant, Subtle Glamour and Juicy Apricot
 As i'm sure you'll have noticed I chose three eyeshadows and one blush. They have loads of colours to choose from, most of them are satin or pearl finish and they have a few of these beautiful marble shadows.

However, I was very disappointed with the two marble eyeshadows. They pay-off is pretty poor. I wouldn't have chosen these however there was no samples to try in Superdrug. 
On the other hand Subtle glamour is a pretty mid toned purple brown that will work well in the crease.

The star of the show was the blusher, Juicy Apricot. This is so beautiful, a gorgeous bright peachy coral with gold shimmer. It's so pigmented and looks fantastic on the skin. I will definitely be picking up more of the blushes.

These eyeshaows and blushers retail for £4 each and the palette is £5. With the deal going on I got everything for £12 which is a complete bargain as it would normally cost £21!!!!
I would definitely recommend checking this new line out as they have some hidden gems.

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