22 Sep 2012

LA LUXE: Review & Swatch!!

Hi everyone,
Sorry (again) for the long absence. Hopefully it wont be too long before I am back into a normal routine :)
Today I am talking about a lovely neutral eyeshadow trio from LOOK Beauty. 

The range is called Triple Hit and the trio I have is called LA LUXE and it is shade 1.

They are baked shadows and they all have a metallic finish. There is a really pretty light purple brown colour, a dark chocolate and a bronze gold colour. I think they are all beautiful but I wish there was a lighter colour for highlight. The consistency of the shadows is lovely, they are very smooth and blendable. The pigmentation is pretty decent too!

I really like this little trio however for a drugstore product I think it is slightly expensive costing £7.50. However, they are good quality eyeshadows and would be a great present or treat for yourself!! This is the most neutral palette but they have some really fun colours. You can see the full selection here.

Thanks for reading!

15 Sep 2012

Rose Illumination

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been very busy with assignment deadlines and my new job (more on that later!)
Today I am talking about one of my new favourite products. Rose Illumination from Elizabeth Arden.

This is my first product from Elizabeth Arden and I have no idea why I haven't tried their products before. I think their products are stereo-typed for older women but it certainly isn't the case!!
I have been looking for a new highlighter and after much thought I decided to buy the Dior Rose Diamond highlighter but when I went to purchase it it was out of stock. :(
I googled pink/rose gold highlighters and I saw a blog post saying that rose illumination is a beautiful rose gold highlighter.

The DIOR highlighter costs £32 and this is only £23 so much cheaper :)
I have had this product for about two weeks and I reach for this nearly every day. It is such a beautiful highlighter and I can't understand why I haven't heard anyone mention this before. It is a real unsung hero that deserves alot more attention.

Next time you see an Elizabeth Arden counter I definitely recommend checking this product out.

Thanks for reading!

11 Sep 2012

Milani Luminoso

Hi everyone,

Today I am talking about one of my favourite blushers. Luminoso by Milani. It is a beautiful peachy pink colour and the baked formula is really smooth and easily blendable.

Melissa sent me this blusher in our swap and I have been using it loads as it compliments any makeup look and it has been beautiful in spring and summer.
Unfortunately you can't get your hands on this if you live in England but if you can find Milani products definitely check this blusher out.

Thanks for reading!

8 Sep 2012

Glamorous Red!

Hi everyone,

I think every girl spends alot of time searching for the perfect red lipstick. You would think it would be easy as red is red! That's where you're wrong, there are cherry reds, burgandy reds, orange reds, brick reds and loads more!!! As every person has a different skin tone, eye colour and hair colour not every shade will suit you. 
I have light brown hair, blue eyes and paleish skin and I have found my perfect red!!!

The lipstick is called glamourous red and it's a colour sensational lipstick from Maybelline. I don't really know how to describe it other than perfect. 
The formulation is opaque and creamy and it's not difficult to apply. 
I'm not saying that this will replace my everyday nudish pink (hue by MAC if you were wondering) but its certainly a shade I would wear.

So, have you found your perfect red????

Thanks for reading!!!

5 Sep 2012

Shine Erasers

Hi everyone,

Today is just a quick post talking about one of my handbag essentials. The Shine Erasers from ELF cosmetics. Basically, these are very thin sheets of blotting paper that absorb any excess oil on the skin. 

For £1.50 you get 50 sheets and they last a really long time. I bought my first pack last January and I am half way through my second. Obviously, it depends on how often you use them!
You can use both sides so I can make one sheet do my whole face. I use one side for my forehead which is my oiliest area and then I  split the other side between my nose and chin. My cheeks don't really get oily.

These shine erasers have become an essential product and I can rely on them to mattify my skin whenever and wherever.

Thanks for reading!

3 Sep 2012


Hi everyone,
Today I am talking about one of my favourite types of product, blusher!!! I love how blusher can change a makeup look and give a healthy glow to your complexion. For me it is an essential step in my makeup routine and as I have quite pale skin blusher is perfect to add a flush of colour.
I have tried blushers from a huge variety of brands, drugstore to highend, Natural Collection to Clinique but the best blushers I have ever used are from FashionistA. (the last A is meant to be a Capital!)

My first purchase from their blusher line was Juicy Apricot and from the first swatch I knew it was going to become a staple and it still is my favourite EVER blush. What I love about FashionistA is that you can customise your own palette so I now have one for eyeshadows and one for blusher. 

It didn't take me long to fill my palette and the four shades I have are labelled and swatched in the photo above. They are all very pigmented and have a smooth easily blendable consistency. The colour range is fantastic, I think there are about 10 shades overall ranging from, a neutral beige to a bright fuscia. I am absolutely in love with these blushes and I can't wait to start my second palette! Next time you're in Superdrug I would definitely recommend checking them out!!

Thanks for reading!

1 Sep 2012

Happy Birthday, Babblingaboutbeauty!

Hi everyone,
I can't believe it was a year ago today I wrote my first (awkward) blog post.
Last year I had been contemplating about starting a blog or youtube channel for a while and as I wasn't brave enough to put my face on the internet I decided to start my little blog.
After a month I lost interest a bit so I started my youtube channel and with that my blogging fire was rekindled. 
It has been an amazing year! I now have 50 followers with google and bloglovin and nearly 700 subscribers to my channel. 
I want to say a huge thankyou to everyone who has been a part of my first year in the blogging, youtube community. All your comments, messages and support have been really really appreciated.  Here's to another great year!!!

Heaven and Earth

Hi everyone,
Today I am reviewing the Heaven and Earth palette by MUA. This is a drugstore rival to the NAKED palette. It consists of 12 shimmery shadows (no mattes) varying between a creamy white and a dark brown.
As I said there are no matte shadows and they don't have a black which is something I usually like to have in a palette.

The packaging is very thin so perfect for storing in small spaces. As you can see I do have a small crack in mine because I dropped it but the shadows didn't break so that's a bonus!

Here are all the swatches. There is a nice range of colours and I can create really pretty looks with this palette. The consistency of the shadows are a little bit crumbly and you do get a bit of fallout. Without a primer they will last for about 6-8 hours but if you slap a bit of Urban Decay's primer potion underneath they will last all day and night.

I really love this palette and I think it's a drugstore gem. For only £4 it's a complete bargain and next time you're in Superdrug definitely check it out.
You can purchase it here.

Thanks for reading!

29 Aug 2012

Barry M 154

Hi everyone,

Today I am talking about one of Barry M's newest lipsticks, 154. Before this lipstick the 101 or marshmallow lipstick was their nude offering. However, the 101 is super duper light and makes you look dead. The 154 is a more peachy wearable colour.

Below you can see it compared to the 101. The formulation is alot different too, it is really creamy and glides onto the lips without clinging to dry patches.

As you can see, it isn't a dark nude and I think some skin tones would find it hard to pull it off. I think I can just about wear it but it's not something I find myself reaching for every day.

Overall, I would say this is a great addition to the Barry M lipstick family and if you're looking for a cheap nude lipstick, this is definitely worth checking out.

Thanks for reading!

25 Aug 2012

MAC Painterly Paint Pot

Hi everyone,
Today I am reviewing a basic/essential product from MAC. Their paint pot in painterly.
I have only recently purchased this product but for the last few weeks I have been constantly asking myself, Why didn't I buy it sooner???

A paint pot is a coloured eyeshadow base that lasts for ages and gives a different dimension to your eyeshadow colour. I already own bare study which is a champagne/gold colour. Painterly is a muted pinky nude, perfect for my skin tone. This has quickly become my go-to eye primer as it goes with my neutral shadows and makes them last forever.

One of the most important things I look for in an eyeprimer is that it covers the veins in my eyelids. On a day when i'm not wearing makeup I will still put this on as it makes my eyes more open and awake. It is one of my most essential beauty products.

Before         After

Basically, I love this product and if you are wanting a great neutral eye base then look no further.

Thanks for reading!

23 Aug 2012

NYX Jumbo Pencils

Hi everyone,
Today I am talking about some well loved products, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils.
Living in England these are really hard to get a hold of but NYX have started a UK website and Melissa sent me a few in our swap

The Jumbo Eye pencil is meant to be a creamy coloured eye base. 
They are very creamy and pigmented but they crease like crazy. Literally five minutes after application they will have creased up. If you wear a primer underneath they work beautifully, you get the creamy pigmentation without the creasing.

cottage cheese, cashmere, bronze, iced mocha, baby blue

I have four neutral shades and one a little more bright. I use cottage cheese the most as an eyeliner to open up my eyes but surprisingly I have been reaching for baby blue as it is so pigmented and it really adds a pop of colour to my water line. 

cottage cheese, cashmere, bronze, iced mocha, baby blue

These are fantastic products (besides the creasing) but there are a few small problems with the packaging. Firstly, you accidently push the cap back on too hard it with crack, you will be able to see that its already happened to a few of mine. Secondly, they are very big pencils so you will need to buy a sharpener to fit them but that's not a major problem.

Overall, I really love them and I am definitely going to purchase some more shades in the future.
You can purchase them here for £4.50 each.

Thanks for reading!

21 Aug 2012

Tickled or Twinkled???

Hi everyone,
Today I am talking about two blushes from the ELF studio line.
Tickled pink and Twinkle Pink.
Very similar names and very similar colours!

Tickled pink (left) Twinkle Pink (right)

Tickled pink is a little bit paler and has a subtle silver shimmer, it is a much softer blusher to apply with a satin finish.
Twinkle Pink, is a little bit brighter with gold glitter. It's a little bit more gritty in texture and doesn't apply so smoothly.

Tickled pink (top) Twinkle Pink (Bottom)

I really love both these blushers because although they are a similar colour, the shimmer/glitter accent is different. Personally tickled pink is more wearable as the subtleness works better for me personally. However, twinkled pink is more buildable and would be great for a more fun makeup look.
You can buy these here for £3.75.

Thanks for reading!

20 Aug 2012

MAC BlancType

Hi everyone,
Today I am talking about my newest MAC eyeshadow, Blanc Type.
This is a super pigmented light cream matte eyeshadow. I bought this one for highlighting under the brow bone, inner corner of the eye and for a base shadow for neutral looks. 
Since it arrived (3 weeks ago) I have been using it nearly every day. It works with everything and I love it!!!

For me, this is the type of colour missing from the original NAKED palette by Urban Decay. Every day I have been reaching for this eyeshadow and my NAKED palette. 
This is now a must-have for my makeup collection and I wouldn't be without it.
You can purchase it here for £12.

Thanks for reading!!!

5 Aug 2012

E.L.F. Pout Perfector

Hi everyone,

Today I am talking about one of Elf's newer products they've released called Pout Perfector. Basically, this is a very thick shimmery/glittery lip gloss that is meant to be applied in the centre of the lips to give some definition to the lips.

It only comes in one shade called, 'glow' it's a pinky gold colour that would work with most natural pink lip sticks. 

Here is creme cup from mac applied with out the pout perfector.

And here is the same lipstick with the pout perfector applied to the centre of the bottom and top lips. I really like how this looks and it shows up beautifully in photos.
The only downside to this gloss is that it's quite sticky and thick so some people may not like how it feels but I like it because it lasts a really long time.
This is an extra step when applying makeup so it may not be something I would reach for every day but it will definitely be great for special occasions.
Overall, I really recommend this product if you're placing an order and want to try out something a little bit unique and different.

Thanks for reading!

2 Aug 2012

Revlon Cream Blush in Flushed

Hi everyone,

Along with Revlons new Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains they have launched their PHOTOREADY cream blushes. As far as I can see they have three shades available; A peachy orange, a natural rose and a fuscia pink. Of course I bought the fuscia shade which is called Flushed.

The formulation of these blushes are cream to powder. They look incredibly bright in the pot yet they can be sheered out for a natural flush.
In the photo below you can see it very lightly applied on the bottom and with the colour built up a bit more on the top.

I really like these blushes and think they are fantastic for any time of the year.

Thanks for reading!

30 Jul 2012

Lovesick for Revlon???

Hi everyone,

Today I am talking about the Clinique Chubby Sticks rival, Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain. Basically they are a more moisturising formula than their old stains but have fantastic pigmentation and last for ages. The shade I bought was lovesick.

Lovesick, is a bright blue toned fuscia with a little bit of sparkle/shimmer which I think is showing up in the photo below. The formula for these stains are fantastic, they are really smooth and easy to apply and the pigmentation is brilliant.

On the lips they will not budge!! In boots I was swatching them on my hands and it took nearly three days for them to go completely. This bright fuscia will last all day and night and it is still visible the following morning. Nothing i've tried can fully remove it, makeup remover, cleanser or makeup wipes. It is super duper long wearing.

Overall, I love these lip products and would definitely consider expanding my colour range. However they are quite pricey for drugstore lip products costing £7.99 each.

Thanks for reading

29 Jul 2012

Clinique City Block Sheer

Hi everyone, 
Since we've been having some rather hot days in England i've been trying to protect my skin, especially my face with SPF. On my recent trip to Cardiff I picked up the Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25. Basically it's sun cream for your face. 

This costs £16 so quite expensive for sun lotion, however it doesn't have the horrible smell, the white streaks or take ages to sink in.
This is actually a skin toned product so it gives a nice glow to your skin as well as protecting it. When I wear this I don't need a face primer as it does a fantastic job and my foundation lasts ages.

Clinique also have a Super City Block with SPF 40 for those who want extra protection.
I have been outside alot in the sunshine and my face hasn't burnt once, I just have a nice healthy glow to my skin which I love. I really recommend this product and if your heading to a hot holiday destination this would be a perfect treat for your skin.

Thanks for reading!

27 Jul 2012


Hi everyone,

Today is the opening of London 2012 Olympics!!!
I am really excited to watch the opening ceremony tonight so I decided to dress for the occasion and wear red, white and blue!

T-Shirt - Primark
Shorts - H&M
Head Band - Primark
Wedges - New Look
Necklace - Primark
Earrings - Claire's
Ring - (Can't Remember!)

This is my first OOTD post so I hope the pictures are ok, I didn't know what were the best angles and poses but I think they didn't turn out too bad :)

Thanks for reading!

26 Jul 2012

100th POST, YAY!!!

Hi everyone,

This post is very special because it's my 100th time posting on babblingaboutbeauty.blogspot.com!!

It only seems like a few weeks ago I set up my blog and started typing my first (awkward) posts. I have enjoyed everything from designing my banner, writing the posts, taking pictures, reading comments and seeing gorgeous new followers. It has been BRILLIANT!!

I just want to say a BIG THANKYOU to everyone who reads my little blog and for all the lovely comments you've written. It's so nice to think that people are enjoying what I write about. 
Hopefully, It wont be long before I reach my 200th!!!

Thanks for reading!

25 Jul 2012

Rimmel Wake ME Up Foundation!

Hi everyone,

Whilst browsing around Boots the other day I decided to finally pick up the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation which has been raved about. This foundation is meant to lift skin from fatigue with a healthy, radiant glow. 
I was really excited to try it as so many people loved it and I was not disappointed.

I would say this foundation is medium to full coverage. It gives a flawless finish to the face without feeling cakey and it gives a healthy radiant glow without looking too oily. I would say this foundation would suit most skin types but it your skin was very oily it may not work for you.

The packaging is great quality for a drugstore foundation, a sturdy glass bottle with a fun orange lid and pump. I apply this foundation with either the Real Techniques stippling brush or buffing brush. I did a review on my youtube channel of these brushes and you can watch that here.

For day to day I usually use about 3/4 of a pump for my whole face but when I want a flawless result a whole pump is perfect.

The product does have a very slight iridescent shimmer to it which may be off putting to some people but to be honest I don't notice it at all once its applied and I think it probably helps to give the radiant finish that this foundation gives.

This foundation is a drugstore gem and I will definitely repurchase it in the future. 
If you're interested in trying this product out you can purchase it here.

Has anyone tried the Wake Me Up concealer??

If you have I would love to know what you think about it.

Thanks for reading!