29 May 2012

Time to blow out the candles!!

Hi everyone,

Today was my last exam before half term!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe they're nearly all over, it feels amazing!!!

Also, I feel extra happy because I turn seventeen this week! I will soon be driving too which I can't wait for!! I applied for my provisional licence about a month ago and my picture is less than flattering. It looks like its been taken on my death bed!

Even though there is a matter of days before my birthday I am still stuck with present ideas. My parents are buying my driving lessons but apart from that I haven't a clue what I want??

If you have any ideas please let me know!!!!

Anyway, this was a pretty pointless post but I am feeling pretty good right now so wanted to share it with you!!!

Thanks for reading

27 May 2012

The Power of GHD's!!

Hi everyone, If you ever watch my videos then you'll know that 9 times out of 10 my hair is scrunched back in a bun and this is because my hair is frizzy, big and unmanageable.
To wear my hair out long takes alot of effort, usually involving some sort of heat which I try to avoid as it's very damaging to my hair but as i've spend most of my life growing my hair then I want to show it off right????

Anyway, last year my sister and I went halves in buying a pair of GHD hair straighteners. I had hoped these would be my shortcut to manageable hair but it still takes over an hour. However, the results are fantastic and my hair is left in manageable state for at least three days.

So, basically do you think I should make the effort more often??

Thanks for reading!


23 May 2012

China Glaze: Luxe and Lush

Hi everyone, I'm on a bit of a nail polish kick this week as I've received orders from both Essie and China Glaze. The latest lacquer to coat my nails is Luxe and Lush from China Glaze, I think this polish is from the Hunger Games collection. I'd heard many good things about this polish as it isn't your usual glitter topcoat. It has gold and silver flecks that look beautiful when used over a colour. 

In this picture I put two coats over a black nail polish from ELF. I love the effect and it's unlike anything I've ever seen. I think this would look beautiful over a navy so that'll be the next combination I'll try out!

I am really enjoying nail polish at the moment so if you have any recommendations I would love to her them!

Thanks for reading

20 May 2012

Essie Flawless: Swatch & Review

Hi everyone,
Recently I picked up a few Essie nail polishes and i've been trying them out over the past few days. At the moment I have 'flawless' on my nails which is the perfect everyday pink. Its quite bright but subtle enough to wear to school or work. It is completely opaque in two coats and with a good topcoat it will remain chip free for at least four days. I really love the colour and it will probably be my go to pink nail polish. You can buy it here,

Have you tried flawless???

What Essie polishes do you recommend??

Thanks for reading

18 May 2012

REVIEW: Benefit, They're Real!

If you watch my videos you'll know that I recently picked up the they're real mascara from Benefit.
This has had so much hype since it came out as it gives your lashes the appearance that they're fake.
This is pretty expensive, setting you back £18.50 but as I had a voucher I decided to try it out.

It was love at first application! My natural eyelashes are a reasonable length and thickness but nothing special. In one coat my lashes had nearly doubled in length and thickness.

It is extremely black which I love. It holds a curl really well and I've just been wearing a bit of eyeliner and my eyes are done!!
I really love this mascara and would definitely purchase it again.

You can buy it here.
Plus Debenhams are having 10% all their beauty items between May 19th-21st so the mascara will be on offer for £16.15!!! 

Thanks for reading


17 May 2012

Superdrug Steals!!!

Hi everyone, last week Superdrug launched their 3for2 deal across their entire makeup range. So, I do what I always do, browse their site, add to basket and chekout! Five days later my goodies arrived!

So, the first thing I knew I wanted was another fashionista palette. Basically you buy an empty palette and you can fill it with a mixture of blushers and eyeshadows of your choice. Normally the palette is £5 and each individual eyeshadow or blush is £4 but they always have a deal where you buy three eyeshadows/blushers and you get the palette and fourth product free. They still have this deal going on with the 3for2 so it is super super cheap.

I already have a palette with 3 eyeshadows and one blusher so I wanted three more blushers to create a blush palette and one more eyeshadow to make an eyeshadow palette. You can choose either a red or black palette so I have black for eyeshadows and red for blushes.
The colours I picked up from left to right are, rose shine, blushing coral, butterscotch and the eyeshadow is nude glimmer. They are all beautiful colours with a very soft buttery consistency. I definitely recommend checking out the fashionista range.

Superdrug have recently started stocking Essie nail polishes but they have quite a high price tag of £7.99 so with the 3for2 offer I decided to try some out.

From left to right I got the colours, turqouise and caicos, fiji and flawless. I have yet to try these so can't comment on the quality but they will definitely be featuring in blog posts in the future!

Finally I picked up the Look triple hit eyeshadow trio in LA Luxe. They are 3 beautiful metallic shimmery colours that compliment each other really well. This costs £7.50 so quite pricey for a drugstore trio but with the 3for2 now is a great time to try some more expensive items.

I also picked up a few extra things for my monthly giveaways but I don't want to spoil any of the prizes!!

Thanks for reading

6 May 2012

Review: TMART False Eyelashes!

Hi everyone, today I am reviewing the TMART eyelashes!!
Lets face it, eyelashes are expensive with the average pair costing around £5! So when I was browsing the TMART website and found 10 pairs of lashes for about £1.50 I was dubious to say the least. However as they were so cheap I ordered one pack anyway as they may be ok.

Let's just say as soon as they arrived I clicked back on and ordered another three packs!!!

The ones I'm talking about today are the 1028's which are very thick and dramatic.

These eyelashes are quite long in width so I had to trim them down to fit my eye shape. Also, they don't come with a glue but I use Ardell Lash Grip which is amazing but you could also use the Duo glue.

I really like how these lashes look and I just plonked them on for the picture but if I was finishing them off I would have applied eyeliner to join up the line to my inner corner. I would have tightlined as well.

These lashes aren't as easy to apply as my eyelure ones simply because the band is alot thicker so it doesn't bend to the shape of your eye very well which means it starts lifting at the edges if you don't apply them right.

My Tips for applying these are:
1. Give the eyelashes a good wiggle to loosen them up before applying
2. Apply alot more glue than normal and put big dabs of glue at the very ends
3. Wait until the glue is VERY tacky so it should stick down the first time

I hope this helps you, you can check out TMART's range of false lashes here

Thanks for reading

5 May 2012

How To Create The Perfect Winged Liner!!

Hi everyone, today I am doing a post on how to create the perfect winged eyeliner.
This makeup looks simple but effective yet it can be one of the hardest techniques to master, I can honestly say it's taken me about two years to finally get it under my belt!!

Firstly there are loads of eyeliners you can use, liquid, gel, pencil, felt tip, the list goes on....

If you are starting out with winged eyeliner one of the easiest to use is the Loreal Super Liner because the applicator is close to the handle so you have more control. A gel liner is quite easy to use as well because you can hold a brush close to the end which makes the application more accurate.

In these pictures I used a liquid liner from a company called blinc cosmetics. I mentioned it in my April Favourites which you can watch here and you can purchase it here.

Onto the actual application.
I apply my eyeliner in 3 stages.
1. Middle, 2, Inner Corner, 3, Flick

I start off by lining the centre third of my eye as close to the lash line as possible in an outward motion, try not to make it too thick as you wont have any room to correct mistakes!!!

Secondly I join it up to the inner corner of my eye. I find it easier working outwards in but that's my personal preference. You want to make this inside line as thin as you can.

Finally for the flick you need to work out what suits your eye shape. I have quite small eyelids and I have heavier skin above my eye so I like my eyeliner to be thinner so I still have lid showing when my eyes are open. 
To create the perfect wing I continue with the line right to the outer corner of my eye, it's important you get right to the edge otherwise your flick will not follow your natural eye shape.
Then I look down into a mirror and draw a thin line from the top of where I want my flick and join it up to the liner on my lash line.
Then all you need to do is fill in the wing! I try to join it into a straight line because that's what suits me, you can see it a bit clearer in the bottom right picture.

I hope this helps you,

Thanks for reading!


2 May 2012

My Wishlist!

A Little while back I created a wish list of all the items I currently was wanting.
Now we're in a new month I thought I'd share with you some of the things I have my eye on!

Clinique City Block Sheer £16

I have heard alot of good things about this product, it is a perfect sun screen without giving a white finish to your face. If you fancy a higher SPF they also sell on with a factor of 40!!
You can purchase it here

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly £14.50

These are some of the best eye primers I've ever tried. I have Bare Study and use it all the time but it does have a shimmer. I think Bare Study will be the perfect lid neutraliser to get rid of any veins and it wouldn't matter if I didn't put eyeshadow on top.
You can purchase it here

MAC Viva Glam Nikki £13.50

This newest addition to the viva glam line is a bright yellow toned pink. I have heard mixed reviews on this colour but I think it looks gorgeous. Also, all the money you pay goes to the MAC Aids fund so you don't have to feel guilty when purchasing it!
Check it out here

Minty Blue Wedges £24.99

Pale Blue (Blue) Espadrille Wedge Heel Mary Janes | 243363345 | New Look
I have been wanting a pair of wedges and these are one of my favourite pairs that I've found. I love the colour and the wedge isn't ridiculously high!! Also, I really like the strap because it means my feet wont fall out of the shoe when I walk. Wedges are known to be one of the most comfortable forms of heels to walk in so I may have to try these on next time I'm in New Look!
You can buy them here

That's it for this months wish list,

I hope you enjoyed it,
Thanks for reading