30 Nov 2011

Too much turquoise!!!!!

I love the look of wearing a neutral eye and having a pop of colour on the lower lash line. Being a blue eyed girl I like to rock either turquoise or purple.
Whilst rummaging around my makeup collection I happened to notice three colours pretty similar so I swatched and they are basically identical. Some of the eyeshadows are cheap but one is quite expensive so to save you from making the same mistake and spending a ridiculous load of money on three shadows that are identical here is the three dupes!! 

This first one comes from the Urban Decay Preen palette. £22.50. It's called painkiller. I don't know if you can purchase this eyeshadow separately. For me this palette doesn't have a great mix of colours purely because I can't create a look just by using the colours it has to offer. So I don't reach for it as often as I should. I will do an in depth review of this palette later.

The second shadow is from a Chilli Pepper palette. £7. I think this brand is exclusive to Boots but I can't be 100% sure. I have a few of their palettes but the one with the dupe in is Elegant Eyes, Earth.

This is the turquoise, very bright and pretty.

Finally the last turquoise is a solo shadow from 17 in Viva Diva. £3.99. I don't know why I bought this. It was probably on 3 for 2 or something.

Anyhoo, here are all the swatches......

Left to right, Urban decay painkiller, Chilli Pepper, 17 Viva Diva

As you can see all the swatches are basically identical. Totally ridiculous to have all three!!!! Urban Decay is the most pigmented with a slightly metallic finish. The chilli pepper colour is very pretty, slightly lighter than the other two. Finally Viva Diva is more of a green turquoise. They are all pretty in their different ways  but personally Urban Decay wins this one. I know it's the most expensive but I think if it's good quality I don't mind spending a little bit more. If you like these dupe posts I will keep my eyes open for more.

Thanks for reading

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