29 Jan 2012

My Wish List

Hi everyone, I have started a new themed blog post!!! Yay!!
It is going to be called 'My Wish List' and it is going to feature a few items that I am currently wanting.
Without further ado, here we go.

1. Babyliss Glamour Waves

This is a large barrel hair curler that gives effortless tousled loose waves. I already own the conical wand which I LOVE but it gives tighter curls. I think this would be perfect for giving natural waves. My hair already has a natural wave but it has alot of frizz so this will give a lovely sleek finish. This will definitely be a purchase in the near future and costs about £20.

2. MAC Chatterbox lipstick

(Sorry for the blurred picture) This has been on my MAC wish list since I first laid eyes on it. It is the perfect mid to dark toned pink that can be worn day or night. Since MAC have upped their prices with a lipstick setting you back £13.50 it is definitely going to be a splurge purchase. 
It may appear on next years Christmas list. Santa are you reading this??

3. Gold Glitter Heels

I have been wanting a pair of these forever. I haven't got a certain pair that i've found any will do. They start at about £20 from New Look and range to over £200!! I think these will jazz up any outfit and look stunning. I'll probably wait till I find a pair on sale but until then I will just try them on every time i'm in town :)

4. Illamasqua Beguile

After reading sprinkleofglitter's blogpost on this pigment. I now feel the need to have this in my life :) It looks like the perfect iridescent glitter to finish off any makeup look. As a luxury item it comes with a luxury price tag of £15.50 so it wont be an immediate purchase. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you like this type of post please let me know,

Thanks for reading


28 Jan 2012

Ideas please!!!!

Hi everyone,

Just a short one today. Basically I need ideas about what to write/blog about. As you are the people reading then you should say what is interesting to you.

I want to start a regular blog post once a week/month. Alot of blogs have themed days/posts. 
Fragrance friday, midweek musings, budget looks.......

If you have an idea for a themed blog post please leave a comment. It can be anything to do with beauty/hair/fashion. 

So, get your thinking caps on :)

Thanks for reading

24 Jan 2012

Loreal Super Liner Luminizer

The title is a bit of a tongue twister, I bet you can't say it five times without mucking up!!!

Anyway today I am going to be reviewing thee Loreal Super Liners, I have the original Carbon gloss and two of the Lumizers for blues eyes (my eye colour) and for brown eyes.

These are the three colours swatched. Left to right, Carbon Gloss, Luminizer for blue eyes, Luminizer for brown eyes.

They are all gorgeous colours and as you can see there are differences so you can justify owning all three.

The first one I bought was the original Carbon Gloss, I forgot to take a photo of the applicator but if you google it you will see it is a soft sponge felt tip applicator. I find this really easy to use and I can create a really thin line. The colour is really black and has a beautiful glossy finish which brightens your eye. It is really long wearing i have had it on for a full 12 hours and it looks as good as new by the end of the day.

The Luminizer for blue eyes is a very dark navy with silver, blue and purple shimmer which compliments a blue eye colour. It is still as easy to apply and very long wearing however I would personally like it to be slightly darker. I really enjoy wearing it with the Luminizer mascara for blue eyes. This combination works really well and I do think it makes my eye colour brighter.

The brown eyes Luminizer is the prettiest, a rich dark brown with gold shimmer. Beautiful!!! It applies really dark almost like a black but when it catches the light you can see the bronze metallic gold shimmer showing through. I tend to wear this with a neutral eye and dark brown mascara. It is much softer than harsh black. I don't know how it would look if you had brown eyes but I would definitely recommend trying it out.

These eyeliners are the best I've found and are really affordable and accessible.
Click here to purchase the original carbon gloss from Boots.

Thanks for reading

23 Jan 2012

Proactiv Solution

Sometime last year Boots contacted me and asked me to join their product testing pannel because I had written alot of reviews that had been voted 'helpful'. Of course I said yes, who wouldn't jump at the chance of receiving products for free and all you have to do is review them?
A few months went by and all I had received was a toothpaste and that was all until a few weeks ago. I received an e-mail asking if I wanted to test the Proactiv Solution three step skincare system. They were giving away 300, full size kits which will last for 60 days. I immediately replied but I didn't get a response so presumed that they had all been claimed. 
Today I got a mystery box through the post and to my delight it was the Proactiv products to review!!!

I was so excited. The three step system includes a cleanser, toner and moisturiser much like the Clinique and Liz Earl skin care line. This skincare line is for blemish prone skin types so if you are blessed to have naturally flawless skin then this would not be for you. The leaflet says you have to do this twice a day and you will notice results within two weeks. These sizes I have will last 60 days or approximately 8 weeks. On my youtube channel I am going to do a video after a month doing a more in depth review.

I am really excited to try this out and even though this has been sent to me for free I can guarantee that you I will give 100% my honest opinion because I wouldn't want anyone to waste their own money on something that doesn't work. This is quite expensive costing £39.99 for the three products. This is a best selling skincare line and is used by celebrities such as Katy Perry. I have high hopes for this and am looking forward to seeing what it does for my skin. 
Click here for more information on the Boots website.

Thanks for reading



22 Jan 2012

One small step for some, One big step for me!!!

Hi everyone,

I finally made a youtube channel. Actually, I made it a few months ago but I have been finding my feet so haven't mentioned it. It's pretty scary putting up videos for everyone to see but I am really enjoying it so far.

Here is my latest video

If you like what you see please subscribe, I would make me a very happy girlie!!
Click here to visit my channel!

Thanks for reading

P.S. I know I keep saying I will get back to blogging but I mean it this time, I am going to make an effort to do 2 - 3 posts a week. I promise!!!

18 Jan 2012

My new favourite lip colour

Hi everyone, today I am going to be showing you my new favourite lip colour and the products I use to create it. 
I hope you enjoy :)

First of all I use the ELF 2 in 1 palette but the lip colours are in the night palette.

First off al I apply the lighter pink all over my lip, I don't like it by itself because my lips look like a barbie doll pink so I use a small amount of the cherry colour on top to tone it down.

To finish off I use a sheer pink gloss. My favourite is the ultra soothing lip tint from Sally Hansen in the shade Cranberry.  I really like this because it is so moisturising and gives a gorgeous glossy finish.

And that's it!! A beautiful pink lip that easy to create and wont break the bank!!!

Thanks for reading

11 Jan 2012

Making Makeup

Hi everyone, Sorry the posts are a bit thin on the ground. I am in the middle of exams so bear with me.
Today i'm showing you how to make your own tinted moisturiser using two of my favourite products.
Clean & Clear dual action moisturiser
Bourjois healthy mix foundation

Basically use half a pump of your foundation and a pea sized amount of moisturiser.

Mix the two together.

There you have it, your own tinted moisturiser. I personally don't own a tinted moisturiser because I find this works so well. Especially in the winter when my skin is really dry having extra moisturiser on my face really helps it from drying out. Also by using a foundation I get really good coverage.
I really recommend trying this out using your own products. If it works you can save money!!!

Thanks for reading

7 Jan 2012

Chocolate Face mask

Hi everyone, you'll be pleased to know this isn't another nail polish post. 
Today I am reviewing the Beauty Parlour Chocolate face mask. This costs £4.99 and click here to purchase from Superdrug.

First of all the packaging is cute and girly which I love. The products is definitely chocolatey. The colour is dark brown and kind of resembles dog poo!! But don't let that put you off, the smell is amazing and it is very cooling on your face. It's very simple to use, apply a thin layer all over your face, avoiding your eyes and lips. Leave for five minutes. Remove with warm water either using your hands or a flannel. Personally I use my muslin cloth from Liz Earl which works fine.

It doesn't claim to make dramatic changes to your skin, only to give you a little boost and a fresh feeling. I wasn't expecting much and its not life changing. However my skin felt really clean and fresh. 
This isn't going to take over my Liz Earl treatment mask but its fun to use at a pamper evening with friends.
For only £4.99 it's worth the money and I will definitely use it all up.

I hope this has been helpful,

Thanks for reading

3 Jan 2012

Indigo Blue

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts. I am getting back into school work again now.
I haven't had any inspiration for posts so I am going to show my newest nail polish by Calvin Klein.
Nail polish is something I wouldn't relate with Calvin Klein but whilst in my local discount beauty shop I found all their nail polishes reduced to £2. With only a few colours to choose from I thought this blue would be nice because I don't have many.

One word. WOW!!!!!!!
I love it!!! It was opaque in one coat and it is so true to colour. It is the most gorgeous blue ever. The application is like a dream and it is lasting very well.
I will definitely be heading back to pick up the other colours. This nail polish completely exceeded any expectations. If you can get your hands on these definitely give them some attention. I have no idea how much these retail for but I would pay up to £8 without any problem.

Thanks for reading