18 Nov 2011

Products I regret buying

I've been meaning to do this post for a while.
Its all very well raving about loads of products but what I prefer hearing about is the products not to purchase. So here we are, a few things that I have bought and has disappointed me,

1. Lancome shine seduction lipstick, shade 337
I don't have a swatch for you (my camera isn't working for some reason) but it swatches very glossy which is nice but there is loads of shimmer. It wears off very quickly and your lips are left with a load of unflattering shimmer. Not very nice. I haven't tried any other colours so I can't give an opinion on those but shade 337 gets a thumbs down from me.

2. Accessorize Diamond lip gloss, shade temptation

In the shop this looked like the most gorgeous pink ligloss ever. It only cost four pounds so I excitedly paid for it and slapped it on. The excitement ended there. It is chunks of glitter in a thick pink gloss. It wears off so quickly and your lips are left looking like you've been kissing a pot of glitter. Really not nice. I've swatched other colours and they all appear to have the same consistency. I would stay well away from this lipgloss line.

3. No7 Highlighter in peach

This is kind of pricey for a drugstore highlighter, setting you back £11. 
I liked the concept, the squeezy tube and the brush. However it has some major flaws. Firstly every time I squeeze out too much product which is a complete waste and also the brush clogs ups making application quite a tedious task. For that reason I never reach for it so that's why I've included it.

4. MUA Extreme curl mascara

The packaging looks amazing, and for only two pounds you can't go wrong. 
I got this in Superdrugs current 3 for 2 offer. I've used it twice and hate it. The wand is curved, hence the name extreme curl but the fibres that stick out are so short so they collect the mascara and it looks like one gloopy mass. Also it doesn't give any curl to my lashes. It leaves them exactly the same. The only thing it does is colour them a nice black, but that smudges off during the day. 
I really wouldn't recommend this but as it was only £2 you can't complain really.

That's all for now, 
when I collect a few more products I will do an updated post

thanks for reading

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