15 Nov 2011

Make me Blush

Blush, it's one of my weaknesses. Every time a new collection comes out or a new formulation I am like a magpie, I sidle up to the counter stuff a load in my basket and checkout. That's about how it goes.
However, here are my favourites at the moment. Most of them are drugstore but there is one that's a bit expensive.

1. Maybelline Dream Touch Blush Number 6 £5.99

This blush is soooo pigmented. Seriously this will last you for the rest of your life. I have had it for five or six months and use it all the time. But i've hardly made a dent in it. You need the tiniest amount.
It is a gorgeous pink rose colour, it's perfect for any time of year, it gives a beautiful flush to the cheeks. I loooove it. 

2. Elf Studio blush, Tickled pink, £3.50

This is showing up slightly peach in the pictures but in person it is a beautiful soft pink with a hint of silver shimmer. Gorgeous!!!!
Most of the time light coloured blushes aren't very pigmented but this one is really nice. I love this for spring and summer for a little bit of colour to brighten my face.

3. Me Me ME poppy tint £6.99

Me Me Me is known for duping the high end brand Benefit. This is a very good dupe for posie tint. At a fraction of the price the packaging is gorgeous, it's a really pigmented colour and lasts for ages because it's a stain. It also looks beautiful on the lips. I definitely checking out their range of cheek stains. 

4. Borjuois little round pot blushers, number 34 £6.99

These are just too cute. They are the perfect size, they have a mirror and they are baked. What more could you want? This is a gorgeous bright pink with a ton of golden shimmer. This is perfect as a blush or highlight.

5. Benefit Gorgia, £23.50

Sorry I don't have a proper photo, I simply forgot whilst I was snapping away at the other four. Basically this is the perfect peach blusher. If you are on the hunt for one, look no more. This is so beautiful. I use it all the time. It's pigmented, it's got shimmer and it's in a cute little box!!!!
It is quite a light coloured blush so it would work as a really nice highlight for darker skintones.
Definitely recommend this.

Gorgia, Maybelline cream blush, Elf tickled pink, Me Me Me poppy tine, Borjouis 34

So there you go. These are my favourite current blushes.
I would love to know what you currently reach for.

Thanks for reading

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