4 Nov 2011

The Best Skincare Line Ever!!!

For many of my early teenage years I accepted that acne and oily was something you had and had to be put up with. After watching youtube videos for a while I discovered loads about skincare and how to properly care for young problematic skin.
I then found Liz Earle, My saving grace.

With total honesty I can say this is the best skincare line ever. It's slightly expensive but for the results its definitely worth it. There is three simple steps like the clinique 3 step system.

#1. Cleanse, Cleanse and Polish £13.75

Gently massage into your face and then rinse the muslin cloth in hot water and gently rub off your face with a polishing motion. It leaves your skin feeling so clean and soft.

#2, Tone, Skin tonic £12.25
You can either purchase this in a bottle like this or in a spray bottle which is what I have and prefer. Use this after cleansing to give your face a fresh feeling or use it throughout the day to give your skin an instant boost.

#3, Moisturise Skin repair moisturiser £18.25

This moisturiser comes in three types, dry, normal and oily. I have oily and its perfect it takes care of mattifying your face without drying it out. This is the most priciest out of the three steps but you literally need a tiny amount as a little goes a long way.

If you use this range twice a day believe me you will notice a fantastic change in your skin.
My skin has gone from oily and full of blemishes to clear and fresh.

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