21 Aug 2012

Tickled or Twinkled???

Hi everyone,
Today I am talking about two blushes from the ELF studio line.
Tickled pink and Twinkle Pink.
Very similar names and very similar colours!

Tickled pink (left) Twinkle Pink (right)

Tickled pink is a little bit paler and has a subtle silver shimmer, it is a much softer blusher to apply with a satin finish.
Twinkle Pink, is a little bit brighter with gold glitter. It's a little bit more gritty in texture and doesn't apply so smoothly.

Tickled pink (top) Twinkle Pink (Bottom)

I really love both these blushers because although they are a similar colour, the shimmer/glitter accent is different. Personally tickled pink is more wearable as the subtleness works better for me personally. However, twinkled pink is more buildable and would be great for a more fun makeup look.
You can buy these here for £3.75.

Thanks for reading!

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