29 Jul 2012

Clinique City Block Sheer

Hi everyone, 
Since we've been having some rather hot days in England i've been trying to protect my skin, especially my face with SPF. On my recent trip to Cardiff I picked up the Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25. Basically it's sun cream for your face. 

This costs £16 so quite expensive for sun lotion, however it doesn't have the horrible smell, the white streaks or take ages to sink in.
This is actually a skin toned product so it gives a nice glow to your skin as well as protecting it. When I wear this I don't need a face primer as it does a fantastic job and my foundation lasts ages.

Clinique also have a Super City Block with SPF 40 for those who want extra protection.
I have been outside alot in the sunshine and my face hasn't burnt once, I just have a nice healthy glow to my skin which I love. I really recommend this product and if your heading to a hot holiday destination this would be a perfect treat for your skin.

Thanks for reading!

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