5 Sep 2012

Shine Erasers

Hi everyone,

Today is just a quick post talking about one of my handbag essentials. The Shine Erasers from ELF cosmetics. Basically, these are very thin sheets of blotting paper that absorb any excess oil on the skin. 

For £1.50 you get 50 sheets and they last a really long time. I bought my first pack last January and I am half way through my second. Obviously, it depends on how often you use them!
You can use both sides so I can make one sheet do my whole face. I use one side for my forehead which is my oiliest area and then I  split the other side between my nose and chin. My cheeks don't really get oily.

These shine erasers have become an essential product and I can rely on them to mattify my skin whenever and wherever.

Thanks for reading!

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