25 Aug 2012

MAC Painterly Paint Pot

Hi everyone,
Today I am reviewing a basic/essential product from MAC. Their paint pot in painterly.
I have only recently purchased this product but for the last few weeks I have been constantly asking myself, Why didn't I buy it sooner???

A paint pot is a coloured eyeshadow base that lasts for ages and gives a different dimension to your eyeshadow colour. I already own bare study which is a champagne/gold colour. Painterly is a muted pinky nude, perfect for my skin tone. This has quickly become my go-to eye primer as it goes with my neutral shadows and makes them last forever.

One of the most important things I look for in an eyeprimer is that it covers the veins in my eyelids. On a day when i'm not wearing makeup I will still put this on as it makes my eyes more open and awake. It is one of my most essential beauty products.

Before         After

Basically, I love this product and if you are wanting a great neutral eye base then look no further.

Thanks for reading!

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