8 Sep 2012

Glamorous Red!

Hi everyone,

I think every girl spends alot of time searching for the perfect red lipstick. You would think it would be easy as red is red! That's where you're wrong, there are cherry reds, burgandy reds, orange reds, brick reds and loads more!!! As every person has a different skin tone, eye colour and hair colour not every shade will suit you. 
I have light brown hair, blue eyes and paleish skin and I have found my perfect red!!!

The lipstick is called glamourous red and it's a colour sensational lipstick from Maybelline. I don't really know how to describe it other than perfect. 
The formulation is opaque and creamy and it's not difficult to apply. 
I'm not saying that this will replace my everyday nudish pink (hue by MAC if you were wondering) but its certainly a shade I would wear.

So, have you found your perfect red????

Thanks for reading!!!

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