8 Dec 2011

Tinted Lipbalm, Love it

I have recently done a post talking about my favourite lipbalms that are colourless. I really love them but sometimes I feel like I need a bit of glamour to my lips.
Introducing, tinted lipbalms.

The two I have and use the most is Elf conditioning lip balm in peaceful pink from their studio line. This costs £3.50. The other balm is from I love...... in the shade Strawberry and Milkshake. This costs 99p!!!!!

We'll start with the cheapest. This is my favourite and not only because of the price. This smells amazing, I have to smell the pot every time I use this. 
This product is quite difficult to get hold of, Larger superdrug stocks it and you can sometimes found it in discount shops. If you spy this definitely check it out if only to smell it.

On the lips its a pretty understated pink that will compliment many skin tones and makeup looks. I really like this product and will continue to purchase this.

Onto the slightly more expensive. Elf tinted lipbalm.

This is definitely more pigmented and much brighter. It is really pretty and I used this alot in the summer and on holidays. This is very moisturising and has a pretty glossy finish. I would love it but as I have the other lipbalm I am reluctant to buy this again as it is nearly four times the price.

I hope this has been interesting

Thanks for reading

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