22 Dec 2011

Gel Nails

Hi everyone, as promised a post devoted to my gorgeous new nails. I found an amazing deal for a full set of nails including tips for £20. I booked up and now a week later I'm so glad I did.

The lady was very nice and persuaded me to go for a glitter gel coating rather than clear. It's very subtle but festive at the same time and I can still paint over them which is really good.

So here they are,

They are the perfect length and I like how they are not too square or rounded, they are just somewhere in the middle. 

Anyway if you are thinking about having a set of these yourself and not sure what the procedure is and if it damages your nails i will give a brief overview.

It does damage your nails but this is a one off treat so I feel I can justify it.

The first step is she files your whole nail so it is coarse. For me this was the worst part because you can see the damage being done. Then you get the tips measured up and stuck on. After that you choose the length you want and then she files to tips into a nice shape. Then the gel layer goes on. It seems like your nail is going to be really thick because my lady used loads of gel but they file and buff it down so it's ok. Then there is more filing and buffing and she finishes off applying an oil which makes them really shiny.

Overall, I really recommend them as a treat for a special ocassion but I don't think I will make it a regular thing because of the damage to my nails. Once they are off I will do another post showing you my own nails and what condition they are in.

I hope this has been helpful,

Thanks for reading

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