16 Dec 2011

Silver goodies from Barry M

I was in boots and on the hunt for a silver glitter eyeshadow for christmas day. 
Barry M came to my rescue again and tempted me with all their other offerings. 
They had a deal where you spend £6 and get a free limited edition nail polish.
I went a little bit silver crazy and left with three gorgeous products that I love!!

I'll start of with the freebie. 
It is a silver glitter polish that gives a completely opaque finish in three coats. It's not the easiest polish to apply but well worth the effort. If you were to buy this it would cost £3.99. Bargain!!!

I have two coats swatched on my thumb nail. I absolutely love it and am planning to pick up a few more for extra chritmas prezzies.

The second nail polish I picked up is one i've been wanting for a while but it's always been out of stock. It's the holographic silver polish. £2.99

It has really chunky glitter and it would take about 5 coats for a completely opaque finish but I am going to use this as a glitter topcoat.

The final item is the one I went in specifically to get. It's one of their glitter eye dusts. I have been wanting a thin silver glitter so use sparingly over eyeshadow to create a beautiful finish.

I finally decided on shade 3 because it is a white silver with blue reflects. It's gorgeous!!

The glitter is so finely milled and it doesn't fall of your eyelid which is really nice.

I am really impressed with this and i'm tempted to try a few more shades. They cost £4.50 a pot but they last for ages so I think its worth it.

Thanks for reading

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