11 Dec 2011

Scrub me clean

Body Shop has only ever meant one thing to me, Body Butters. Anything else i'm not really interested in. I think their makeup is quite pricey for the quality and I haven't really looked at their other offerings until now.

I was never really into body scrubs but they were having a deal where you buy a body butter and get a scrub half price. So I thought I would try them. I got the raspberry flavour purely because it matches the colour of my bedroom. :)

I have use this five or six times and I have decided I quite like it. Probably 6/10

It smells really nice, exactly like raspberry jam and it has raspberry pips/seeds which thoroughly exfoliate your body.

In the bath I scrub this into my skin first and use a moisturising shower milk or something because it is quite harsh to your skin. However, my skin does feel really soft afterwards and doesn't get quite so dry.

Overall I do like it but it is very messy to use and for some reason my pot is really hard to do up. Also it does have quite a hefty price tag of £12.50. I probably would not buy this again.

Hope this has been helpful,

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