3 Dec 2011

Bling, Bling, Bling!!!!!

I have to say I'm a cheap and cheerful kind of gal. I don't own any expensive jewels, clothes, handbags or shoes. I like to buy inexpensive items so I can regularly rotate my style without breaking the bank.
Recently I was browsing Primarks current jewellery stock and found this baby.......

For only £2!!!! It is a medium to large faux diamond surrounded by loads of mini diamonds and the colour of the band is yellow gold. What's not to love??

In Primark I always tend to go buy a size medium which is slightly too big for me but the small is too small. My actual ring finger size is 15mm if you were wondering.

This is a gorgeous cocktail ring to jazz up any outfit for parties around Christmas and New Year. I think this is an absolute steal from Primark considering it would have cost at least £10 from Accessorize.
I definitely recommend checking out Primarks current offerings, they have some really nice quality pieces at the moment for cheap as chips prices. If you have a spare minute pop around to have a look.

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