4 Dec 2011

Loving the lashes

When it comes to mascara my favourites are the ones that transform my mediocre lashes to thick, curled ones. Maybelline are always coming out with new mascaras that claim to give you 10x times extra volume and false lash effect. I decided to review two of the most well known to see if there is any difference.

The Falsies & Colossal Volume 

Colossal volume has a nice brush that is thick and fans out in the middle. I like the fact that it is a fibre wand compared to a plastic one.

I applied on thick coat to my top and bottom lashes and this is the result......

It gives a nice curl to my lashes and it makes them look alot thicker. This mascara is really easy to apply and dries relatively quickly so I don't worry about it smudging.

Onto the Falsies. This wand has a slight curve and like the colossal it has fibre wand which I really like.

On the lashes I feel this separates and lengthens which is really nice. I find it alot more difficult to apply than the colossal purely because I don't get on well with curved wands. I'm not sure it's a false lash effect but I do like the look of this.

I think both these mascaras have pros and cons. The Colossal volume is much easier to apply and gives my lashes thickness and a nice curl whereas the Falsies separates and lengthens but it is slightly harder to apply.

Both these mascaras cost around the £7 mark so are very budget friendly and they are widely available. I definitely recommend both of these.

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