9 Dec 2011

Garnier Exfo-Brusher Review

I have always observed Garnier as a Brand from the comfort of my laptop and never tried any of their products. The other day I spotted this product with a massive discount, £9 reduced to £4.50. 
I thought this would be a good chance to try out Garnier. I have been using this products religiously for over a week and I love it.

It has over 200 spikey bristle things that cleanse your pores and remove all the impurities. When I am using it I can feel my skin being deep cleaned. 

The products is dispensed through a hole in the middle of the product. It's so easy to use. I slightly wet my face, unlock the product and squeeze. Its as easy as pie. :)

To unlock the product just twist the top blue bit 180 degrees anti clockwise. I like the fact you can lock it up so its easy to wash.

I clean the brush head every night after using it and it's really easy. Just lock the cap and rinse under cold water and they dry with a towel.

Onto the actual product. It's a watery blue soapy cleanser that lathers up really nicely. Be warned, keep your mouth shut when using it because it tastes HORRIBLE!!!! 
It has a slight burning/tingling sensation that I quite like because it feels like your skin is being cleaned. After I use it my skin feels really soft and clean. I have not broken at all and it has helped to fade old acne scars.
I seriously love this and will continue to use this every night.

If you were wondering I still love my Liz Earl but I used up my cleanse and polish so I'm using this with the skin tonic and moisturiser afterwards.

Thanks for reading


  1. Hey, what's up?
    I want to try this but I am not sure because some people tell that they just 'move' bacterias from one to other place ? HELP !!!

    1. I really love it and it contains 2% salicylic acid which is one of the best spot preventing ingredients. I have just got back into loving it and my skin is nearly perfect, I have hardly any breakouts. I would say that you have to make sure you clean the brush head thoroughly after use but I really like it. xx