12 Dec 2011

My top tips for the perfect pink lip

Around christmas one of my favourite colours to wear is bright pink. Red doesn't suit my skin tone but I like to have a bright lip so pink works really well.
Here are the products I use to create my look. They are all really affordable.

The first thing I do is moisturise my lips. Here I am using Nivea milk and honey but anyone will do.

Next I take a dark lip liner. I find this works really well because it defines your lips more.
This one is mauve luxe from Elf.

Then take your favourite pink lipstick. The one i'm using is flirt from rimmel. I really like this because it's quite a dark hot pink and it has silver shimmer which is really pretty.

I think it looks very sophisticated on the lips.

Finally, top it off with a bright gum pink gloss. This one is called body pop and is from collection 2000.

Slap it on and you're done. The perfect pink lip.

I hope this has inspired you to have a go at creating a bright lip this christmas.

Thanks for reading

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