6 Dec 2011

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

Since the arrival of Chanel Particuliere many brands have tried to dupe the muddy brown purple colour. I don't own the Chanel nail polish myself but here are a few of my favourite mud colours,

Elf Smokey Brown, Nails Inc London, Barry M Marshmallow

So as you can see they look a little different in the bottles. The Elf nail polish costs £1.50 and is the darkest shade, The Nails Inc one I got for free with Diet Coke but they normally cost around £8 -£10, this is more of a purple shade. Finally the Barry M polish costs £2.99 and is the closest to Chanel Particuliere in my view.

Here are the swatches 

Elf, Nails Inc, Barry M

So as you can see the Elf nail polish is very dark but I think it's still pretty. The Nails inc on is definitely the lightest with more of a purple tone. Finally for my favourite the Barry M this is a perfect taupey brown that looks gorgeous on the nails. 
Sorry the swatches weren't on my nails, they are looking a bit rough at the moment, not to mention short!!!! 

Anyway they are my favourite muddy coloured nail polishes, I would love to know if you have any others I might add to my collection.

Thanks for reading

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