6 May 2012

Review: TMART False Eyelashes!

Hi everyone, today I am reviewing the TMART eyelashes!!
Lets face it, eyelashes are expensive with the average pair costing around £5! So when I was browsing the TMART website and found 10 pairs of lashes for about £1.50 I was dubious to say the least. However as they were so cheap I ordered one pack anyway as they may be ok.

Let's just say as soon as they arrived I clicked back on and ordered another three packs!!!

The ones I'm talking about today are the 1028's which are very thick and dramatic.

These eyelashes are quite long in width so I had to trim them down to fit my eye shape. Also, they don't come with a glue but I use Ardell Lash Grip which is amazing but you could also use the Duo glue.

I really like how these lashes look and I just plonked them on for the picture but if I was finishing them off I would have applied eyeliner to join up the line to my inner corner. I would have tightlined as well.

These lashes aren't as easy to apply as my eyelure ones simply because the band is alot thicker so it doesn't bend to the shape of your eye very well which means it starts lifting at the edges if you don't apply them right.

My Tips for applying these are:
1. Give the eyelashes a good wiggle to loosen them up before applying
2. Apply alot more glue than normal and put big dabs of glue at the very ends
3. Wait until the glue is VERY tacky so it should stick down the first time

I hope this helps you, you can check out TMART's range of false lashes here

Thanks for reading


  1. Hi thanks so much for your review!! I've been eyeing them as well cause they look soooo cheap but was doubting the quality. :) Anyways, I heard that it takes more than 45 days for TMart to deliver to the UK! Is it true? How long was the wait for the delivery from the day you ordered it?

    xx Vicky

    1. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks for TMart to deliver but I only order beauty items so the shipping may take longer for bigger items. Hope this helps x