27 May 2012

The Power of GHD's!!

Hi everyone, If you ever watch my videos then you'll know that 9 times out of 10 my hair is scrunched back in a bun and this is because my hair is frizzy, big and unmanageable.
To wear my hair out long takes alot of effort, usually involving some sort of heat which I try to avoid as it's very damaging to my hair but as i've spend most of my life growing my hair then I want to show it off right????

Anyway, last year my sister and I went halves in buying a pair of GHD hair straighteners. I had hoped these would be my shortcut to manageable hair but it still takes over an hour. However, the results are fantastic and my hair is left in manageable state for at least three days.

So, basically do you think I should make the effort more often??

Thanks for reading!



  1. I love ur natural hair 2 it is sooooo pretty

  2. I LOVE YOUR NATURAL HAIR! I wish i had more curly hair, it definitely looks nice straight but i prefer curls personally :p Also, my best friend has similar hair to you and she swears by bumble and bumble curl taming products so maybe try those?? :)