26 Apr 2012

REVIEW: Bourjouis 123 Perfect Foundation

Hi everyone, today I am reviewing one of Bourjois latest foundation offerings, the 123 perfect foundation. The concept for this product is the 3 correcting pigments which target three problems.
Just so you know Boots send me this product to review as I am a member of their product testing panel, however they are not paying me for this review and it will be 100% honest.

The three correcting pigments are yellow which helps with dark circles, mauve which helps prevent a dull complexion and green which targets redness. The only problem of those three I suffer with is redness around my cheeks and forehead so I was excited to see if this worked.

I have heard a lot of negativity about this foundation and I went into the application with a negative review but I don't think it's that bad! Lets start with the positives: The formulation is quite thick and I would say it is medium coverage and I did notice it gave me a very even skin tone. It applies really smoothly and blends really well, (I used the real techniques buffing brush) It left my skin with a velvet matt finish and I didn't need to apply powder. 
I would say if you had very dry skin this wouldn't work as it does leave a matt finish but if you had normal to oily skin then it would suit you fine.

Now onto the negatives: It only lasted for about four hours before it started to wear off and once it had worn off it left a patchy finish which is not very nice. The smell isn't too good either especially if you've been using the Healthy Mix foundation from Bourjois (which I love by the way) 

The packaging is really nice, a sturdy glass bottle with a pump. That's really all there is to say about it.
Compared to the Healthy Mix foundation I would say it doesn't live up to it. The healthy mix smells amazing, leaves a medium coverage dewy finish and looks perfect all day. However if you had oily skin you may prefer the 123 perfect foundation finish.

This foundation comes in 5 shades so there may not be a colour to suit every skin. When Boots asked me to select my shade I chose beige which looked like it might suit me. To be honest it's slightly dark and they didn't give me the numbers on the website. For the Healthy Mix foundation I wear 52 so that will give you an idea if you are looking at colours. 

Overall, it's ok but I wouldn't spend my own money on it,
If you are interested in trying it Boots are currently selling for £6.99 instead of the usual £11.99 so its a little bit cheaper. You can check it out here.

I hope this has been helpful,

thanks for reading

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