1 Mar 2012

4 Penny Nails!!!!

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been pretty busy the past week.

Anyway a month or so ago I was aimlessly passing the time in Primark (as you do) and spotted a new beauty product offering. 
False Nails. 
At only a pound a pop you can't go wrong. They had four or five different patterns but I opted for these navy ones with white polka dots.
I didn't have high hopes for these as an average set of false nails is around the £7 mark.

These are amazing!!!!
Hand on heart I can say they are the best false nails I have ever tried. They are the perfect size, I didn't have to file any of them down and they are also the perfect length. I find many false nails are really long which makes them look obviously fake. 
With these they look like natural nails with a cute design. 
What more can you want???

They come in a pack of 24 with glue so it works out about 4pence a nail!! It's Crazy!!!

I highly recommend these and next time i'm in Primark I will be definitely stocking up. 
For £1 you can't go wrong!!!

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