11 Jan 2012

Making Makeup

Hi everyone, Sorry the posts are a bit thin on the ground. I am in the middle of exams so bear with me.
Today i'm showing you how to make your own tinted moisturiser using two of my favourite products.
Clean & Clear dual action moisturiser
Bourjois healthy mix foundation

Basically use half a pump of your foundation and a pea sized amount of moisturiser.

Mix the two together.

There you have it, your own tinted moisturiser. I personally don't own a tinted moisturiser because I find this works so well. Especially in the winter when my skin is really dry having extra moisturiser on my face really helps it from drying out. Also by using a foundation I get really good coverage.
I really recommend trying this out using your own products. If it works you can save money!!!

Thanks for reading

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