24 Jan 2012

Loreal Super Liner Luminizer

The title is a bit of a tongue twister, I bet you can't say it five times without mucking up!!!

Anyway today I am going to be reviewing thee Loreal Super Liners, I have the original Carbon gloss and two of the Lumizers for blues eyes (my eye colour) and for brown eyes.

These are the three colours swatched. Left to right, Carbon Gloss, Luminizer for blue eyes, Luminizer for brown eyes.

They are all gorgeous colours and as you can see there are differences so you can justify owning all three.

The first one I bought was the original Carbon Gloss, I forgot to take a photo of the applicator but if you google it you will see it is a soft sponge felt tip applicator. I find this really easy to use and I can create a really thin line. The colour is really black and has a beautiful glossy finish which brightens your eye. It is really long wearing i have had it on for a full 12 hours and it looks as good as new by the end of the day.

The Luminizer for blue eyes is a very dark navy with silver, blue and purple shimmer which compliments a blue eye colour. It is still as easy to apply and very long wearing however I would personally like it to be slightly darker. I really enjoy wearing it with the Luminizer mascara for blue eyes. This combination works really well and I do think it makes my eye colour brighter.

The brown eyes Luminizer is the prettiest, a rich dark brown with gold shimmer. Beautiful!!! It applies really dark almost like a black but when it catches the light you can see the bronze metallic gold shimmer showing through. I tend to wear this with a neutral eye and dark brown mascara. It is much softer than harsh black. I don't know how it would look if you had brown eyes but I would definitely recommend trying it out.

These eyeliners are the best I've found and are really affordable and accessible.
Click here to purchase the original carbon gloss from Boots.

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