7 Jan 2012

Chocolate Face mask

Hi everyone, you'll be pleased to know this isn't another nail polish post. 
Today I am reviewing the Beauty Parlour Chocolate face mask. This costs £4.99 and click here to purchase from Superdrug.

First of all the packaging is cute and girly which I love. The products is definitely chocolatey. The colour is dark brown and kind of resembles dog poo!! But don't let that put you off, the smell is amazing and it is very cooling on your face. It's very simple to use, apply a thin layer all over your face, avoiding your eyes and lips. Leave for five minutes. Remove with warm water either using your hands or a flannel. Personally I use my muslin cloth from Liz Earl which works fine.

It doesn't claim to make dramatic changes to your skin, only to give you a little boost and a fresh feeling. I wasn't expecting much and its not life changing. However my skin felt really clean and fresh. 
This isn't going to take over my Liz Earl treatment mask but its fun to use at a pamper evening with friends.
For only £4.99 it's worth the money and I will definitely use it all up.

I hope this has been helpful,

Thanks for reading

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