6 Sep 2011

Prime time

Two of my favourite primers for eyeshadow is Mac paint pots and Benefit creaseless cream shadows.
I tried to find two colours that are sort of similar and that is Mac Bare Study and Beneft Bunny Hop.
They both retail for £13.50. Mac comes with 5g of product whereas Benefit only give 4.5g so Mac is better value for money.

Bunny hop is a peachy pink with an iridescent purple blue shimmer. It is a very thin consistency and blends really well.
Bare Study is a nudish gold champagne colour. In some lights is could almost be a rose gold colour. It blends really well and lasts a long time.

As you can see they both have a shimmer and they can be worn under eyeshadow but look equally as good by themselves.

My personal favourite is Mac Bare study purely because I find the colour looks flattering on all skin tones. The peachy colour in Bunny Hop sometimes makes my eyes look a bit red which looks like an unappealing eye infection!!! These little pots of gorgeousness will last forever so they are definitley worth the money and are a staple item in my makeup collection.

Thanks for reading :)

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